SickBay super-dev release

This is my very first minecraft mod. Influenced lightly by Star Trek, this mod includes a multitude of player effects/injuries to enhance gameplay.

The reason for this mod is with my annoyance with the very limited Potion/PotionEffect system and building a replacement/substitute for other modders to use.

The mod is still in a very early development state. However I have decided to release the code/mod to the public to help encourage development.

Current features:

  • First implementation of the Injury system
    • Properly updates/ticks all injuries on a player
    • Saves injury states to and from NBT
  • New Injurys (Scratch, Cut, Gash)
  • New InjuryEffect (Bleeding)

Incoming Features:

  • Items to counteract Injuries (Bandaids, Drugs)
  • Tricorder (GUI) to “diagnose” (display) injuries of you or another player
  • API to allow other modders to add their own Injuries/InjuryEffects
  • More base Injuries/effects (broken limbs, diseases, specific poisons/toxicity)

Let me know what you think,


I am also debating moving it over to GitHub from my private repo even though its set to public.


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Maintenance scheduled today

Maintenance is scheduled today from our hosting provider OVH. No downtime is expected.

“A scheduled maintenance will be held on July 29th, at 7:00 AM, Eastern Time. Your server is being migrated to new and more performant infrastructure in the datacenter. One or more of your servers will be affected by this maintenance, and while there is no planned downtime, we wanted to make sure that you knew about this particular event.”

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Minecraft and the EULA. Where do we go from here?

I woke up this morning to a big explosion of drama that has spanned across Twitter, Reddit, and MCF. Now I am not an english major and have never been a very good writer so bear with  me as I digest the arguments presented and try to make sense of this mess.


This all began with a twitter conversation by Marc_IRL and Wylkervids



Marc again is not a lawyer but began interpreting the EULA from his position as Customer Service Manager. He is required to understand the EULA so he may answer question that arise (and have arisen). The statement “They can restrict access by not releasing it publicly.” is a reply to a question about modders restricting access to their mod via “IYO (In your opinion) can a modmaker restrict access or distribution to a mod”. Simple personal opinion. The stance that Marc takes is common sense. Modders should not be able to restrict the access/distribution to their mod. BUT, since Mojang has been late in game to addressing modding in general and the issues that arise with it, does their argument or stance have any merit when it comes to the modding community? Lets look at the core issue at hand before answering the question.


Modders and user have been at odds with each other since the age of RP2 and eloraam. Does the Modder “own” his content? That can be legally debated. But do we even need to go that far? As a community, we have done great things but we have also made stupid mistakes. Copyrights/macilious code/and modpack permissions has permeated through the amazing content modders have produced for the community. Is all of this really needed to have an enjoyable experience in Minecraft while protecting the original content produced by modders?

Lets look at the Minecraft EULA


Any tools you write for the Game from scratch belong to you. . Modifications to the Game (“Mods”) (including pre-run Mods and in-memory Mods) and plugins for the Game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them, as long as you don‘t sell them for money / try to make money from them. We have the final say on what constitutes a tool/mod/plugin and what doesn‘t.

This gives modders the rights to their content. What they make belongs to them. It is theirs. They made it.


If you make any content available on or through our Game, you must give us permission to use, copy, modify and adapt that content. This permission must be irrevocable, and you must also let us permit other people to use, copy, modify and adapt your content. If you don‘t want to give us this permission, do not make content available on or through our Game. Please think carefully before you make any content available, because it will be made public and might even be used by other people in a way you don‘t like.

This gives Mojang global permission to any “content” added to the game and allows to to give permission to users of the game to use, copy, modify, and adapt the content with IF THEY PERMIT IT. Again Mojang has the final say. In my opinion this applies solely to resource packs. Unless a lawyer comes in and clarifies what “content” applies to, whether that being being just the artwork/textures/sounds of mods or if it includes the compiled code as “content”, we can sit around all day just circlejerking as to what it actually applies to.


Any content you make available on our Game must also be your creation. You must not make any content available, using the Game, that infringes the rights of anyone else. If you post content on our Game, and we get challenged, threatened or sued by someone because the content infringes that persons rights, we may hold you responsible and that means you may have to pay us back for any damage we suffer as a result. Therefore it is really important that you only make content available that you have created and you don‘t do so with any content created by anyone else.

This part right here PROTECTS modders content that they create. People cannot rip off mods that are “their” creation. You can take someone elses mod and modify it to make your own derived work, but in the end this clause protects modders rights. Mojang has the final say but modders still do have a say because it IS their content as defined above.


Now for the questions that everyone is wondering,

– Can modders copyright their mod? Yes. Because they have right to their mod as provided by the Minecraft EULA. Proof in EULA #4


The EULA is subject to any legal rights you might have. Nothing in these terms and conditions will limit any of your rights that may not be excluded under law

– Can modders put “malicious” code in their mods? While the EULA is not clear on this, Marc has hinted at a change to the EULA in the future to render this illegal.

– Can modders have “modpack permissions” Yes and No. The modder has his rights and copyright to his content/mod. But again the modder can only enforce this by going through legal channels, if they so wish. However, in the EULA #2 and #4 stated above, their seems to be a contradiction. Modders have rights via the Copyright Law but modders must also give permission to Mojang to permit other users to “use, copy, modify, and adapt their content”. This is the grey area.


So in conclusion,

So Mojang is basically trying to police the community without getting its hands dirty, so instead of screaming and yelling at modders that they are unhumane and “part of the problem”, We need to come together to work out plain common sense (Work out common sense, what is this?).

Which is:

  • Respect for modders/content-creators and crediting them. They put a lot of hard work into coding a mod for a game that has been hastily and poorly coded. They want you to enjoy the content they create and make the game that you play even more fun.
  • Modders should not be restricting access to their mods and imposing limitations on users through strict copyrights, malicious code, and “modpack permissions” because of certain users with bad intentions. We should not let these users foul up the experience we’ve enjoyed for so long.

Not that bad right? Was that so hard? Of course it was.

We can fight and argue all day to the people that will of course oppose common sense for their own goals and beliefs. What this community wants is mature, respectful people that can work together. Whether you are a modder or a user.

We can all get along. Lets stop the yelling, accusations, and petty crap. Yes there are bad eggs in both camps. Modders and users alike, but thats life. Lets approach this issue as a community.

Moral of the story?

Everybody has rights, respect them, and use common sense.



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Its been too long………

Hello crafters!


Its been a long time since I’ve made a blog post and a lot things have happened since.

So off we go!

To start, NEM website development was scrapped. This was due to me being hired by the Technic team to work on the Technic Platform. The Technic Platform 2.0 will include functionality that NEM was spearheading; plus much, much, much more. This is a massive undertaking and I am excited to be working along side the Technic team.

What does this mean for NEM?

Just because we are no longer pursuing a fully interactive site doesn’t mean we are less committed to our cause. The current system will be maintained, expanded upon and improved. We’ve already started adding functionality to ModBot and updated some critical CSS on the site.

We are looking towards extending our functionality into a full REST API to allow easier data polling and interacts for other sites/mods/bots/etc.

Stay tuned for more updates! I’m less busy irl and hope to keep this blog updated more!





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NEM Dev Update #3

New Modlist Layout

Hello crafters!,

Its been a loooong couple of weeks. I am currently wrapping up my co-op/internship at Frankenmuth Insurance where I work on a variety of programming projects that benefit my education and the company. I have a week left before I finish my three month term and take a week break before my school term starts. Pyker and Zorro have been pretty busy with classes already. Evo has been busy with work also.

So with that being said, onto the site itself. We’ve been working very hard to bug fix and tweak the layout to get ready to close our feature branch “Redesign” and merge it into our development branch. Once this is done, the site can be considered “Alpha”. If you are curious as to general software life-cycle and what the terminology means. This wiki is very helpful:

Changes to the site since the last update:

  • Various CSS bug and layout tweaks
  • Update Mod Layout
  • Update Modlist Layout
  • Replaced Control Panels with proper MVC layout
  • Added Mod Categories
  • Added Mod Authors
  • Layout and link improvements to User profile
  • Updated Nav Bar links to correspond with layout changes
  • Modlists now display on User profile
  • Added User Bios
  • Many more minor tweaks and additions

Have any questions feel free to email me at or follow me on Twitter @Gen_Page

Subscribe to the NEM subreddit /r/notenoughmods for discussions/mod submissions/ and dev updates.


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NEM Dev Update #2

Member Listing

Hello again, crafters

I’ll try to provide weekly updates on NEM Site along with current development status.

I’m pleased to announce we have commited 26 times since the last update! Yay Progress

This week we have made substantial improvements to the site.

  • Made Email Verification mandatory
  • New Animated NEM Logo
  • Cleaned up general site notifications/alerts
  • Added Member/User table
  • Began work on the Admin Control Panel (~50% complete)
  • Planned out and brainstormed the Modder/Contributor Control Panel
  • Bootstrap class cleanup
  • Added Mod Author listing and links
  • Add Disqus as comment system on modlists
  • Numerous bug fixes

Any question feel free to email me at or follow me on Twitter @Gen_Page

Subscribe to the NEM subreddit /r/notenoughmods for discussions/mod submissions/ and dev updates.


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NEM Dev Update

User Profile with Minotar

Alright, crafters

Pyker has been hard at work recently since I’ve been away on personal trips. In the past two days, He has updated user profile security, added Gravatar/Minotar avatar support along with the option to pick between the two, and updated our ModBot with a new !author feature which allows contributors to add authors to mods and to search mods by author. I’ll be working with Evo to get the user profile layout finished up sometime this week. :)

Til next Time!



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Busy Weekend

Moving sister into college

Hey guys!

As the title suggests I’ve been having a busy weekend. I moved my sister into Western Michigan University on Friday and then drove up to see my lovely girlfriend. All in all, driving all over the state can be a bit tiring.

Saying Bye to the “kid”

With my sister all moved in, I drove my mom back to Flint, grabbed my car and drove up to Alma, MI to visit the lovely girlfriend. As I type, I am using her MacBook Pro because the internet here at Alma College is mac-filtered. :(

I also caught up on NEM site dev Updates and Pyker (Pedro) has been hard at work with user functionality. I’ll give you all the scoop in a later post. Because of his hard work, I bought Pyker a new laptop. :D

Pyker has become a great friend of mine. Its not a very lavish or expensive laptop, but since his laptop is around ~10 years old, I figured I could help out a fellow programmer/friend.

Til next time




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Hello Crafters!

Dylan Page

I’ve decided to kick off a blog to document things going on in my life and to help provide easy access to updates about my projects.

I’ve been working very hard over the summer with some great people on a project called NotEnoughMods. This has changed my life as I’ve been struggling with school, work, and just what I am in life. Very mind bending stuff. Lol. This project has given me a sense of purpose to expand and sharpen my ever growing coding skills.

I am pleased to announce that I have been given the role of Lead Developer of the new NEM site. I am very excited and hyped by this, and hopefully ready to start sharing my progress with everyone.

Follow on Twitter: @Gen_Page




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