NEM Dev Update #3

New Modlist Layout

Hello crafters!,

Its been a loooong couple of weeks. I am currently wrapping up my co-op/internship at Frankenmuth Insurance where I work on a variety of programming projects that benefit my education and the company. I have a week left before I finish my three month term and take a week break before my school term starts. Pyker and Zorro have been pretty busy with classes already. Evo has been busy with work also.

So with that being said, onto the site itself. We’ve been working very hard to bug fix and tweak the layout to get ready to close our feature branch “Redesign” and merge it into our development branch. Once this is done, the site can be considered “Alpha”. If you are curious as to general software life-cycle and what the terminology means. This wiki is very helpful:

Changes to the site since the last update:

  • Various CSS bug and layout tweaks
  • Update Mod Layout
  • Update Modlist Layout
  • Replaced Control Panels with proper MVC layout
  • Added Mod Categories
  • Added Mod Authors
  • Layout and link improvements to User profile
  • Updated Nav Bar links to correspond with layout changes
  • Modlists now display on User profile
  • Added User Bios
  • Many more minor tweaks and additions

Have any questions feel free to email me at or follow me on Twitter @Gen_Page

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