A couple weeks ago, I created a new python project called Icingapy that act as a library for interacting with icinga cgi endpoints. It is published on PyPI as icingapy and can be found here: https://pypi.org/project/icingapy/

One of the reasons I came around to doing this project is the need for interacting with Icinga at a base configuration out of box. To clarify, this is without any additional tooling setup such as Nagios-API or any other additional solutions that require additional configuration of the Icinga/Nagios server.

Why bother? In situations where Icinga 1 is a legacy system or under strict control that additional solutions are not possible, there is still a need for a library such as this.

Currently the library only supports three commands, summary, status, and downtime. I do plan to expand functionality however I felt that these three represent a solid start for the library. I rather focus on a few core methods first to make sure they are reliably working before expanding the feature creep.

Let me know what you think about the library and feel free to leave issues or submit PRs!